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The Gold Miners Atlas for Southern BC is for Sale!!

The Gold Miners Atlas for Southern BC

Treasure of the Valley of Secrets by Deek Gleason

This classic books talks about the famous Valley of Secrets Treasure and contains information on the location of the famous Lue Treasure one of the Lue caches is connected to the Valley of Secrets. This book is a must for all treasure hunters in North America. Deek Gleason the author is actually the famous treasure hunter Karl Von Mueller.

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The Treasure Hunter by Robin Moore and Howard Jennings

This classic book has started the quest for many treasure hunters out there as Howard Jennings makes the dream come alive as he digs for and finds Pirate Treasure on Roatan and Inca Gold ion the jungles of Ecuador as well as he buys and sells emeralds in Columbia and finds tons of placer gold via dredging in the jungles of Honduras. You can read the following adventure which were inspired by this book.

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The Lost Library of the Mayan Itza by John Coppage

In the summer of 98 I had a meeting with one maverick archeaologits John Coppage who as in search of and claims to know the location of what could be the greatest find in the history of archeaology .This book is his story.

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The Treasure Divers Guide Chapter 11 by Potter

This is one Chapter in PDF form from this classic which as once called "the homewrecker" as it sent so many hopeful treasure hunters on the quest..

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Sudden Riches-The Lost Treasure of Oregon and California by Noel Richards

The United States has some of the richest treasure history to be found in the world. The American dream started with the California Gold Rush and the dreams of the prospector finding the motherlode. There area still has placer creeks where the modern prospector can still find placer gold and strike it rich..The treasure hunter can still find a buried cache and the underwater seeker can still find a wreck as the western coast of Northe America is still a promised land for the modern treasure hunter and seeker after sudden Riches both land and sea. This book will start you on a lifetime quest of adventure and fortune.

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A Treasure Hunters Guide to Roatan Island/font>

This PDF is a must for any treasure hunter who is thinking about taking up the quest on the island of Roatan in Honduras. There is much left to find on the Bay islands of Roatan

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