If you are interested in Shipwrecks the following list of maps should be of great interest to you. Most of the maps contain shipwrecks but there are a few land based maps in the list.


Shipwrecks of Cape Fear


Shipwrecks of Cape Hatteras to Florida Straights


Shipwrecks of the Bahamas and Florida


Treasure wrecks of The Florida Cayes


Gulf of Mexico


Gulf of Campeche,Mexico,Yucatan,Honduras


Treasure and Shipwreck map of the Carribean Area


Treasure Map of Cuba,West Indies,Puerto Rico


Northern Coast of South America Treasure Map


The British Isles Treasure map (mostly land sites)


Treasure Map of the The Southwest United States (all land sites)


Treasure map of California land sites includes Death Valley


Treasure Map of San Francisco to Mexico (land sites, some sea )


Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario


Shipwrecks of Lake Erie


Shipwrecks of Lake Huron


Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan


Shipwrecks of Lake Superior

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