All great quests for lost treasure begin with a map. Be it for the lost gold of the Jesuits or diving on a sunken treasure in the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing lights the wonder that you need to start a quest better than a map and in this ever expanding collection you will find some of those maps. Some of the maps are connected to famous lost treasures like the Treasure of Lima or Tayopa. Other maps are connected to lesser known treasures such as pirate treasure on Roatan. All the maps are downloaded instantly to you in a pdf format once purchased. I hope you enjoy the maps and good luck on your search….

The Treasure of Lima

This map is supposed to be the real location of the Treasure of Lima, which is not Cocos Island, as many have believed in the past, but an unknown island located off the coast of Central America.

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Learn more about the Treasure of Lima Map in The Treasure Hunters Insider #2

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The Treasure of Cocos Island

Cocos island is the most famous treasure island in lost treasure history. It inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write his great book treasure island. It has inspired hundreds of treasure hunters over the years. Some have been successful but most have not. I believe there is still much to be found on Cocos but one would have to be a daring treasure hunter to try as it is now a park. This map shows locations searched by the treasure hunter Keating who was searching for the Treasure of Lima as well as other less famous pirate hoards.

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The Ancient Inca Tunnel systems of the Andes

This is a classic map in the lore of archeaology and lost treasure. The map shows the entrance and the locations of ancient tunnels that were used by the Inca. Some say the tunnels were built by a civilization far more advanced then the Inca.. Many lost treasure are rumoured to have been hidden in the tunnel systems including the legendary sun disk of the Incas.

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The Mato Grosso of South America and the Lost Cities of Z and Akakor

This map shows the location of several lost cities deeo in the jungles of South America. One of the locations marked on the map is said to be legendary lost city of Z that the famous explorer and archeaologist Colonel Percy Fawcett went missing searching for. Also one of the locations could be the lost city of Akakor. Both of these legendary lost citys where rumored to be the location of A a ancient extra-terrestrial technology that may have been used to help build some of the ancient Inca cities like Machu Picchu Finding the city and its secrets has been the obsession of many explorers and treasure hunters. Both Lost cities have yet to be rediscovered.

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The Search for Percy Fawcett

When Fawchett went missing a search for him was organized by his son who made a map of the search area. The following map shows the general area where he planned on searching for his father.

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Ambergis Cay Belize treasure and shipreck map The following map was from a 1996 expedition to Belize in search of shipwrecks near Ambergis Cay, Belize a shipwreck location as well as a location where Spanish Doubloons wash up on the beach are marked on the map. The location was not reached at the time due to access issues..So there are still coins to be found as well as a wreck. A ballast stone pile was located near the site in 2000. Its a great map for those who wish to search for the prize in the oceans and on the beaches of Belize.

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The Lost Treasure of the Gulf of Mexico showing the Yucatan, Belize and Coastal Honduras

This is a classic map in the lore of Lost Treasure. It shows the locations of shipwrecks and treasure both on land and at Sea.


A Guide to the Lost Treasure of Roatan Island PDF

This PDF is actually a small book it contains maps showing key sites for the treasure hunter on Roatan such as old pirate trails and the locations of old Forts as well as the pirate city of Agusta.

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A chart of Old Port Royal Roatan Island Honduras

This map shows old port royal harbour as well as the locations of old forts as well as the Cay where the Mitchell Hedges chest was said to have been found.

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The Treasure Divers Guide Chapter 11 PDF

This chapter from John Potters classic Treasure Divers Guide is all about shipwrecks in the Carrebean with its focus on shipwrecks in Honduras. A must have for anyone thinking about looking for treasure in that part of the world.


Treasure Map of South America 1941

Map of South America from 1941 showing the locations of lost citys and gold in Brazil,Peru,Ecuador,Bolivia,Columbia.

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The Lost Library of the Mayan Itza Stone Map Overlay

This map is the complete overlay of a ancient stone tablet that was found by Coppage (mills) to determine the location of the lost library of the Mayan Itza. the stone map shows the locations of major Mayan ruins such as Tikal in relation to the lost librarys location. The lost librays location is marked on the overlay made by Coppage as a question mark. There is lots of historic info to back up Coppages claim. The maya had extensive trade routes leading from Tikal and into Southern Belize. Also when the Spanish finally managed to conquer Tayasal to the North the remaining mayan itza fled to Southern Belize as the Spanish still had not managed to conquer it and was a refuge for the remaining maya.They took many of there books and other treasures with them and hid them in the jungles. For more info on the library and the Stone that was found by Coppage. The Map is Overlay of the stone translated by John Coppage.

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Gold Locations on Seventy Nine Creek near Stave Lake

Map shows the location of placer gold in the Seventynine creek area of Stave Lake British Columbia

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Booze Smuggler Rendezvous Points in Washington State

This map is a great piece of research for anyone who would like to cache hunt in Washington State. There are at least 36 different sites on this map showing where the bootleggers ,back in the days of prohibition,would Rendezvous with smugglers who would exchange cash for a contra band cargo. Some of these sites where busted by the police, but many a smuggler was forced to hide his goods. Be it the form of booze or money. If one where to investigate some of the areas you would have a much better chance of finding something than in your local hunted out ghost town. If you would like to order a copy the map you can follow the links below or you can send me am email for snail mail payment information.

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A list Treasure Leads for Washington State

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The Lue Treasure document regarding Lue sites in Colorado and New Mexico

This is one of the most valuable historical documents for anyone who is interested in the Lue Map and the mystery behind it. It tells the locations of two lue treasure sites one in Colorado and one in New Mexico. The one in Colorado and was an obsession of the famous treasure hunter Karl Von Mueller who was the first to release the Lue map to the public. This document is specific in areas and in the symbols that have been found in the area that match with the famous Lue Map. A great document for the Lue Seeker

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Shiprock,San Juan,New Mexico lost mines and treasure

This map shows the location of lost mines and treasure near Shiprock, New Mexcio also a suspected site of the Lue Treasure. The map shows mines in the La Plata,Animas,rivers in detail as well as many lesser creeks.Its a great map for anyone interested in the lost treasure of this part of the world.

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Sketch map of Jesuit Father Kinos Route

This map shows the location of several important Jesuit mines and missions in Arizona and in the Southern US.

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The lost Conception Mine

A sketch map showing the location of the Jesuit Lost Conception mine in Arizona

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Father La Rues Camp

This sketch map of Father La Rues Camp located in Hembrillo Canyon in New Mexico. His camp was located near Victorio peak as he was the Jesuit father who was said to have hid the gold in Victorio Peak that would be found by Doc Noss. Click Below and Download Now!

Locations of Jesuit Missions and mine in Guaynopa Canyon in Mexico

A great map for those interested in searching for treasure deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Shown are the locations of Jesuit ruins as well as old mine sites in the area. A must for Mexican treasure hunters.

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Map of mine sites in the Sierra Madre by C.E.Herbert 1884

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Mapa del Camino de Tayopa

The Map was used by many treasure hunters to try and find the famous lost mine of Tayopa in Mexico. I believe it comes from the famous treasure hunter Frank Dobie. Click Below and Download Now!

Ostimuris 1900

A map of the district of Distrito de Sahuaripa Mexico. Shows the location of old ruins as well as old mine sites in Mexico

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