Conversation between Daryl Friesen and Anna Hedges daughter of explorer F.A. Mitchell Hedges and finder of the crystal skull. June 1996

Anna: Hello.

Daryl: Hello my name is Daryl Friesen and I am wondering if Anna Hedges is in?

Anna: This is Anna. How may I help you?

Daryl: I am just looking for some information on your father Mitchell Hedges.

Anna: What can I tell you?

Daryl: Have you ever heard of a book called The Treasure Hunter by Robin Moore and Howard Jennings?

Anna: Oh yes I knew Howard Jennings

Daryl: Well he mentions in his book that your father Mitchell Hedges found four chests of pirate treasure on a small quay off the coast of Roatan Island in Honduras and that he only kept three of the chests and he buried one of them back on the quay where it was found to return for it on a different trip.

Daryl: Do you know anything about this? I

Is it true?

Anna: Yes it is all so true and I know what you want from me Mr. Friesen?

Daryl: Have you ever gone back for the last chest?

Anna: No I have not been back to Roatan.

Daryl: Do you know of anyone who has?

Anna: Dr Ball may have.

Daryl: Who is Dr Ball?

Anna: He was a partner of my father. But he is dead now

Daryl: So can you tell me the name of the quay Anna

Anna: Its carrening quay as I told Mr. Jennings so long ago, god rest his soul

Daryl: How did Howard Jennings die?

Anna: He was killed in a plane crash somewhere over South America.

Daryl: Do you know what he was looking for down there?

Anna: I have no idea.

Daryl: Thanks for your time Anna.

Anna: You are welcome and good luck

Daryl: Thanks have a good day Anna

Ann: I will and you as well (hangs up)

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