The Roddick Placer Claim on Siwash Creek for Sale.

The Roddick Placer Claim(Roddick) #1055512

1 cell (20.39 hectares)

Only $900.00 (If purchased by Oct 31 )


Just North of Yale British Columbia Siwash creek thunders into the mighty Fraser river. The first prospectors started finding nice nuggets at the mouth of Siwash creek in 1891. The old time prospectors of course clawed there way up creek searching for gold and there struggles were rewarded as Siwash was a bonanza creek . Nuggets where found gleaming in the bedrock cracks and free gold was found in the quartz stringers that criss cross back and forth across the majestic Siwash canyon. It was not long before Siwash was quickly staked and know place was richer than the motherlode Roddick claim. You can own the Roddick claim and it is by far one of the best places left were you can find the prospectors dream.

Here is what some of the old mining records have to say about the Roddick.

The complete history of Siwash Creek Mining PDF includes maps and info from government files on Siwash. A must for the Siwash and Fraser Canyon gold prospector.

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The Roddick Placer Claim(Roddick) #1055512

1 cell (20.39 hectares)

Only $900.00( If purchased by Oct 31


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