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The Flora De La Mar wreck site

This map was part of a archive belonging to an expedition who went broke trying to reach the Flora De La Mar Wreck site.How they came upon this map is unknown. The site thats marked on it has not been confirmed or denied. If you would like to order a copy of the map. You can order by using a credit card below or you can send a email. This map is only 15.00US

Booze Smuggler Rendezvous Points in Washington State

This map is a great piece of research for anyone who would like to cache hunt in Washington State. There are at least 36 different sites on this map showing where the bootleggers ,back in the days of prohibition,would Rendezvous with smugglers who would exchange cash for a contra band cargo. Some of these sites where busted by the police, but many a smuggler was forced to hide his goods. Be it the form of booze or money. If one where to investigate some of the areas you would have a much better chance of finding something than in your local hunted out ghost town. If you would like to order a copy the map you can follow the links below or you can send me am email for snail mail payment information.This map is only 15.00US

Anastacio Guzmans Map of the Lianganati

A Spanish Botanist then entered the scene by the name of Anastacio Guzman he had in his position a copy of Valverdes Derrotero and went in search of the Inca Treasure using the town of Pilliro as his base. From here he roamed the Liangantis in search of gold and silver, he searched for many years and did find some mines that were used in Inca times but not the treasure he was searching for. He believed he was closing on the Inca treasure when he died from sleepwaling. Guzman did however not take all he learned with him to his grave and has left a very valuable document for Treasure hunters who want to go after the treasure of the Inca. He left behind a map. His map contains all the routes he followed into the mountains in search of his treasure as well as locations of old Inca mines and other data.This map is 50.00US

Anastacio Guzmans Map of the Lianganati

Valverde's Derrotero

Sacred Katzie Sites in the Pitt Lake area

This is a map to the many areas in the Pitt Lake area that are part of Katzie Mythology and are sacred. One of the many locations on the map is the location of sacred cave in the Upper Pitt that was said to have been used in ancient Katzie rituals. Its a must for those who want knowledge of the Pitt Lake area beyond lost gold mines. This map is only 20.00 CAN

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