The creation of Seekers of Gold has been a long time in the making. I first started writing about my experiences while searching for the Lost Mine of Pitt Lake in the winter of 1992. I was only 20 years old then and living with my parents in Langley. Back then I thought I knew everything about life, but I didnít know a thing. Arenít we all like that when we are were that age? I used to get off work I would drive around aimlessly trying to understand the little voice that came from inside telling me I should try and write about the Lost Mine. At first I didnít want to and I wanted to move on after the search for the gold of Spindle Canyon and the B25 Bomber, but the little voice inside would not leave me alone. One day I just decided to give into it. I drove my truck down to the Barnston Island Ferry parking lot next to the Fraser River in Cloverdale where I knew I would not be interrupted. I took out my notebook and turned to the first blank page under the gaze of my flashlight since the interior light in my truck was dead. I could not write in a normal setting, like at home on my computer because I had to be cut off from the world in order to create anything fresh. Once the writer in me was turned on, there was no way to turn it off. I spent most of the winter of Ď92 in the cab of my truck writing what would become the first draft of Seekers of Gold.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One:The legend of the lost mine of Pitt lake

Chapter Two: A Quest Begins

Chapter Three: Gold Fever

Chapter Four:A Location Revealed

Chapter Five:Into the Unknown

Chapter Six:The Real World

Chapter Seven:Lessons Learned

Chapter Eight:The Mystery Deepens

Chapter Nine:Victory

Chapter Ten:The Heart

Chapter Eleven: Outlaw Prospecting

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Chapter Twelve: A map to the B25 bomber wreck site

Chapter Thirteen :A Prospectors Philosophy

Photo Gallery

Seekers of Gold- Part I

Seekers of Gold- Part II

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