The Recovery of the B25 bomber


On a cold winter morning back in Jan of 53 a Mitchell B25 bomber took off from the Saskatoon air force base on a routine training mission. It was to crash on its decent into the Sea Island airport deep inside the rugged Pitt Lake Mountains all aboard where killed on impact. The cause of the crash was caused by an ice rain storm which the flight encountered while coming into the Pitt Lake from the north east. The Storm caused the flaps on the bomber to freeze and the pilots could no longer control there elevation and smashed into the side of a mountain flaming debris flying in the air some of it disappearing deep into Spindle Canyon below with main part of the wreckage falling down and resting on a cliff just above the canyon. There were rumours that the plane may have been on much more than just a routine training mission. The bomber may have been carrying a cargo of NAZI GOLD recovered by the Canadian Army from the basement of a church just outside of Berlin. New Evidence from a secert source has come to light revealing that there may be much more than just a rumour to this story.

The B25 bomber that crashed in the Pitt lake mountains went down in 1953 Listed as missing on the B25 bomber near Pitt Lake are the following:

Ernest D Thygeesen

Kirk Gerald Mcguiness

Ian M Dewitt

MD Hill

May they rest in Peace

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