Welcome to the Spindle Explorations membership Page. We are involved in many diffrent projects at the moment for which we need your help as a member. Two of our main projects are connected to Pitt Lake. The first project is the search for Slumachs lost mine and the other project is the recovery and preservation of the b25 bomber wreck and the search for possible Nazi Gold connected to the Plane crash site.


The Slumach Project

There are many possible locations for the lost mine of Pitt Lake that need to be not only explored but to be documented and filmed. My search for the lost mine is not about just finding gold it's about documenting history. This is your chance to be part of that journey.Your membership fee will be used for exploration and film making but you will get something in return as you will learn on the coming pages. In the case of the lost mine search one of the biggest expenses in the search will be the cost of a helicopter and equipment that will help us reach the location as its very remote. We will also be searching for any artifacts that can be found that may be connected to Volcanic Brown, Alfred Gaspard or Louis Hagbo.

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The B25 Bomber Project

Resting on top of a mountain deep in the coast mountains of British Columbia lies the ruins of a Mitchell B25 bomber. Before the bomber crashed on the mountain top. It had been converted to a cargo plane to haul a largo cargo of gold across Canada that was recovered from the Nazis during the last days of World War II. Before its final mission the bomber had been used on bombing runs over Nazi Germany. The names of the fallen soilders on the wreck and the ruins itself deserve to be remembered. If you where to decide to invest in this project Your money will be going into things like helicopter expenses recovery and preservation of the bombers artifacts as well as into the construction of a memorial for the pilots and crew who died in the crash. If you want to protect history please make an investment. If you do as an investor you will be there when we return to the site and you will have your name recorded as one who attempted to preserve history with the investment that you made in this salvage attempt.

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Email: dfriesen@direct.ca