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Below you will find an archive of articles regarding the search for treasure around the world. If you are in search of adventure you will find it if you decide to enter the world of treasure hunting. Be prepared to have some of the greatest experiences of your life if you if you have the passion for the search. I hope to make the Treasure Hunters Insider Collection. A great source for knowledge and inspiration, for those with the courage to take up the path of the treasure hunter and prospector.This is a one of a kind kind archive, with your support will continue to grow and become a great source for those in search of adventure and the mysteries of the past. I hope that you enjoy.

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Contents of the Treasure Hunters' Insider Collection

The buried pirate treasure of Roatan Island by Daryl Friesen

Leaving the jungles of Central America for the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, my destination is the ancient pirate headquarters of Roatan Island located just off the coast of Honduras. In this tale, you will learn about the pirates of Roatan and the treasures that they left behind. Venture off to the forgotten excavations done by explorer Mitchell Hedges and learn about the discoveries he made.

The Treasure of Tikal by Daryl Friesen

Hidden in the Jungles, surrounding the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. Rests one of the greatest missing treasures of all time. The gold of the Aztec Montezuma. According to information first discovered by an archaeologist named Thomas Gann Montezuma's treasure was sent south into the jungles of Guatemala to keep it from the Spanish. Is the treasure still there waiting for one who is daring enough to journey deep into the Peten Jungle of Guatemala. Perhaps one day some brave archaeologist or treasure hunter will find out.

The Lost Library of the Mayan Itza - Part One by Daryl Friesen

This was the beginning of a very promising, but incomplete archaeological expedition into the mountains of southern Belize in search of the Lost Library of the Maya Itza. I began my research on the internet, which led to a strange encounter with a fellow in Dallas, Texas. He told me he had located a strange tablet with Mayan carvings in a cave deep within the mountains of southern Belize. These carvings were a map to an ancient Mayan city which has yet to be discovered. It was also a depository for ancient Mayan codices! It sounded too much like an Indiana Jones movie to me, so I asked him if I could see this strange tablet. He showed me several pictures of him and his find. He proceeded to tell me that he had smuggled the tablet out of Belize and hid it in a secret place somewhere in Dallas. .

Digging for Pirate Treasure in Honduras by Daryl Friesen

This is the story about the one that got away. When I was researching this treasure I thought it was going to be the big one. Is it still there?

A Bay Islands Treasure Map

The Sunken Treasure of the SS Pacific by Daryl Friesen

Lying off the coast of Washington near Cape Flattery are the remains of a forgotten steamer known as the SS Pacific. She went to her watery grave carrying $2,000,000US in treasure at the time of her loss. At today's prices, the value of the Pacific's cargo would be around $5,000,000US. In this article, you will read the tragic tale about the fate of the SS Pacific.

The Treasure of Lima

Many treasure hunters have been convinced that the treasure of lima was buried on Cocos Island near Costa Rica. However new evidence has been found that shows it was in fact buried on a diffrent island.

The True Orgins of Slumachs Gold

Slumach was said to have confessed the truth about the lost mine he had in the Pitt Lake mountains to a Native Shaman named Peter Pierre who visted him in his cell before he was hung. This article contains an interview with Peter Pierres granddaughter regarding all he knows about Old Slumach.

The Jesuit gold of the Sierra Madre by Tim Haydock

Deep within the Sierra Madre Mountains rests a lost Jesuit Mine Called Tayopa. Many have searched the dreaded Sierra Madre for this elusive lost mine but no one has yet to find it.There have been many seekers of Tayopa through history. This tale follows in the footsteps of those brave souls who have have taken up the search each one of these treasure hunters adding a small piece of the Tayopa puzzle and to history itself.

The White City: The Search for the gold of the Payan King by Daryl Friesen

The Jungles of the Mosquita in Honduras hide a lost city called Ciudad Blanca. underneath the ruins of Ciudad Blanca deep catacombs are said to be found which were filled with gold by the Payan King who ruled the White City at the time when the Spanish first arrived on the shores of Honduras. This is a tale of high adventure.

A Prospectors Philosophy by Daryl Friesen

A great writer once said that all great writing is like telepathy and thats what this story is. I created this piece as a part of a my first lost mine book and it came to me from some dead prospector who was talking in my ear as I composed it in my truck up near Stave lake.

Outlaw Prospecting and the search for Slumachs lost creek mine

This article is about the possible discovery of the lost mine of Pitt Lake by an unknown party who may have went into Garabaldi park and stolen all of the gold from the surface of the lost mines location. This article puts together a theory using some of the rumours that are out there about the fate of this lost gold mine. Only by reaching some of the locations will we ever be able to learn the truth.

A Prospector's Guide to Corbold creek canyon by Daryl Friesen

One of the areas in the Pitt Lake country which has been explored for the Lost Mine over the years has been Corbold Creek; many suspect the gold is hidden in the glacier near its headwaters. This article explains some of the lost history of the canyon and why the Lost Mine of Pitt Lake could in fact still be waiting for someone to find it.

A Treasure Hunters Guide to Roatan Island by Daryl Friesen

The Bay Islands of Honduras still contain treasure waiting for the daring to find, if they have an idea where to search. In this treasure guide, you will learn the locations of old pirate settlements in Port Royal Harbour, Roatan Island, as well as the locations of old pirate trails sunken wrecks around the islands and possible cache sites and caves. This guide is a must for those thinking about treasure hunting the bay islands. Contains maps of old trails and pirate ruins as well as many other treasure sites.

The Lost Library of the Mayan Itza Part II by Daryl Friesen

When James Mills returned to the states. He took the stone to an assay lab to try and fiqure out was causing the strange glow. The results of the tests are very interesting. It was around this time that James thought that the stone may have been some kind of map as he claims that it shows some of the major mayan centers such as Palenque, Tikal and Caracol as well as Copan in Honduras and that there is a major city marked on the stone south of Caracol in Belize. However there are no known major mayan citys in that part of the jungle. Could this be the location of a unknown mayan city? James Mills and his wife moved to the jungles of Southern Belize to find out.

The Richest Shipwreck in the World by Daryl Friesen

As Alfonso made his way out into the sea. His small treasure fleet was overcome by a storm which took two of his treasure ships to the bottom of the ocean with none of the crew surviving. As for the Flora del la Mar it struck a reef just of the north-eastern tip of the island of Sumatra near the entrance to the straights of Malacca. Alfonso was able to jump into one of the lifeboats along with five of his officers. Most of the other sailors on the ship went to a watery grave.

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