August 16, 2002

Helicopter Crash in the Pitt Lake Mountains

All the complete details can be found in Seekers of Gold. Keep watching the forum for updates on the lost mine search.

Daryl Friesen

The R44 Helicopter in better days, sitting on the rock bluffs where we tried to land.


Where the helicopter slid to a stop on the snow bank if you look closely you can see me talking on the satellite phone to Karen letting here know we crashed but where all ok.


Daryl Friesen and Dean Russell taken shortly after the crash. We were all actually laughing due to the shock.

In the distance and you can see the chopped off tail in the background.


A picture of the helicopter taken from the rock bluffs above the crash site.


The coast guard rescue helicopter from Comox that picked us up and dropped us off safely at the Langley Airport.


The final resting place of the B25 Bomber still covered with snow.

All pictures were taken by Shawn Gryba and Dean Russell.

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