This map was created by a shipwreck researcher who tried to place some of the wreck sites on the island from information he had gathered from the Spanish Archives. There is one wreck that was reported to have sunk near Guanja called the Almiranta Santiago. If you can locate any cannons in the waters around Guanja that are green in colour, please let me know. They could be bronze cannons from the Almiranta Santiago. Don’t be afraid to ask around at any of the local diving charters around Guanja and Roatan to tell them you are looking for cannons . Don’t tell them why and always keep the fact that you are a treasure hunter to yourself. Most people including divers could swim right over a valuable wreck and not even no it. You have to have to know what you are looking for. Before you head for the waters surrounding Guanja try and locate the wreck I mentioned above in Port Royal Harbor. It will give you a better idea what a shipwreck looks like in the water. You have to learn to recognize ballast piles in the water. What you see on this wreck will help you when you go after the better targets on Guanja.


The Treasure Map Collection