Price 1500.00 if purchased by Nov 16

1 cell (20.39 hectares)

During the Fraser River gold rush, prospectors found course gold nuggets at the mouth of the Bridge river where it flows into the Fraser.The prospectors followed The river deep into the mountains. Determined to find the source of the rich gold they were finding in there pans and sluices. They explored all the creeks flowing into the bridge and the gold prospectors Two of the richest gold mines in British Columbia were then found and staked on Cadwallader Creek one of the tributaries that the prospectors explored.. Those claims would become the famous Bralorne and Pioneer mines which have produced over 40 million ounces of gold. b The Pioneer Nuggets claim is located just south of the famous pioneer mines and you will find placer and nuggets. Its also not hard to access.. If you have a look at the maps below. It's a great claim for a great price. The following map shows you the legacy area in which the pionneer is located compare it to the map above

Warning This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the rights to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

If you would like to purchase the claim of for more info please contact Spindle below.


If you have any questions about the claim please send us a email.


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