Nazi gold and the B25 Bomber by Daryl Friesen

Seekers of Gold readers may already know about the B-25 Bomber that was rumored to be carrying a large quantity of gold, according to a story that was started by the discovery of a mysterious newspaper article that I have never been able to find at the Vancouver Public Library. The article dates back to the 1950s about a B-25 Bomber that crashed somewhere north of Maple Ridge carrying a large shipment of gold bullion that came from a air force base outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The B-25 bomber had been converted into a cargo plane by the Canadian Military after WWII for the soul purpose of carrying valuable Military cargo.

There are a few theories as to where the gold itself came from before it was loaded onto the plane. Due to new evidence revealed by a secret source I know that Nazi gold discovered by the Canadian Military after the fall of Berlin during WWII recovered from the basement of an old church and shipped back to Canada and in 1953 it found it's way on to the B25 Bomber that crashed near Spindle.

Documents that I was able to find during the research of this treasure lead confirm the fact that government located the wreck and removed the bodies of the dead pilots, as well as any cargo that would have been in easy reach. But this does not mean that if there was a shipment of gold on the plane that there is nothing up there still waiting to be found. The plane was caught in a ice rainstorm when it hit the lip of Spindle Canyon, ripping open the fuselage and spilling some of the cargo across the top of the ridge as well as into Spindle Canyon. When I was in Spindle canyon we located a large piece of the wreck near the back of the canyon but never found any gold but we where not looking for it in the canyon at the time.

It is also possible that it is now covered by a landslide or buried under a ton of boulders, lost forever. Only someone who is brave enough to go back there will ever learn the truth regarding the missing gold of the B-25 Bomber.

Nazi gold and the B25 bomber Part I

Nazi gold and the B25 bomber Part II

Here is one of many letters. I recieved from the unnamed source I mention in the video. Who are you? COME OUT FROM THE ROCK YOU ARE HIDING UNDER AND and tell us who you are?

Good Day Daryl , Been Doing some exploring ( WOW ) Some One sure doesn't want the GOLD found Some pretty mean fellows tried scaring me off around widegeon lake area not a chance though I lost them .They were to Disorganized as well as disoriented lol and boy were they way out of shape .I think someone in the goverment is after something up in those mountains and they are taking great lenghts as well as risks to stop anyone from venturing up there .To bad if they only knew what I knew ,I found the Mine and beleive me Lost Slumachs gold is not a fairy tale like i have heard a few people say it is .I am on to something a lot bigger than I originally thought , My Uncle's Maps proved very accurate as well as his markers they are well hidden so there is no chance of anyone finding them .I advise anyone who wants to go up there they better have a good gps system as well as a sattelite phone and compass .I have located another entrance in spindle canyon and I am looking into a ground penetrating radar system at the moment.Through much digging and asking around I discovered the Military was flying a lot of money and gold into vancouver a long time ago , the B25 Bomber is US owned and registered .And the marker they found up there was already carried on the aircraft it was to give the appearance that the crew was located and the money and gold was already retrieved ( well thier liars and I have the manuscripts to prove it ) .I am glad for the warm weather not much snow yet easier hiking a freind of mine is thinking of joining me on my next trek. More to come Daryl Hello Daryl , The B25 went down fully Loaded with Gold Bars , the Goverment is doing a pretty good job or trying to coverup the evidence they do not want the world to know where the gold came from or what they planned to use it for, thier is so much corruption In the USA Goverment and the United Nations They have a very sinister plan against the Christians as well as the Poor Folk and they are Forcing Farmers to give up any large property's.I have personally discoverd several new prison camps in the mountains of B.C. I used a special night vision camera and recorded some pretty interesting stuff .I trust you will not spread this info around as I have had my life threatened by the Masonic Society and I have done some very intensive research the last 5 years on Goverment Corruption not only in USA but Canada as well.I now no the GOLD from the B25 is still around and there is quite a lot of it scattered in the area where the plane crashed . I followed a lead my uncle gave me and found the second mine ,Daryl this is pretty exciting whoever went in the mountains to find it had no chance as the path leading in is to well concealed My Uncle was so smart .I beleive maybe at one point he was trying to bring some bars out but afraid of being watched decided to wait until things cooled down . I have to talk with his wife she has some exciting things to share with me a lot of pictures and maps and goverment documents. I never told you in the last email in my family we are all pilots and pilots stick together like glue my Grandpa has a lot of intelligence with usa airforce as well as candian transport officials .If you knew what I knew Darly about Lost Slumachs Mine you would have to rewrite the whole web site lol .I am glad not to many people really know what happened up in the mountains because if they did there would be a mad rush of irresponsible untrained inexperienced people and there would be a mess . So ( Please Darly Swear to Secrecy You Will Not Tell The World this info must be carefully sifted through for complete accuracy and every detail gone over I told my uncles wife I respect her privacy

The following picture was taken of the Mitchell B-25 Bomber in the Summer of 2005

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