If you are interested in following the path of the gold prospector here in Southern British Columbia. One of the first things you are going to need is a good map. The Gold Miners Atlas of Southern British Columbia is the one PDF you need to download as it contains some rare maps that will give you some ideas about where gold has been found in the past and where you too can find it. Research is a major key to finding gold and in the GMA you will find maps that will help give you an edge. Have a look at some of the maps you will find inside this one of a kind PDF.

Table of Contents

1. The Lost mine of Pitt lake A sketch map

2. The gold claims of Corbold creek, Upper Pitt River

3. The location of Camp Defiance( Also watch Random adventures in Southern BC)

4. Harrison Lake and Chilliwack River SLeese creek gold locations

5. The Gold locations of Doctor Point

6. The lost mine of Seventy nine creek Stave Lake, British Columbia

7. The Paying portion of Granite Creek

8. Tulameen and Granite creek placer locations

9. Upper Harrison Lake gold mining properties and Geology

10 Gold locations on Lawless creek

11 Placer and Hardrock locations on Seventynine and Kearsley Creeks, Stave lake

12.Sketch map of Lucky Four and Silver Chief mines located near Chilliwack Lake

13 Ghost Towns of Harrison Lake and the Lilloeet river

14. The gold claims of Fire Mountain 1926

15 Sketch map Stuart Brown lost mine location 1986

16 Terrarosa Glacier lost mine location

17. Old Topographic map showing location of the B25 bomber, spindle 1990

18. Sketch map of the Fraser canyon showing bars where gold has been found

19. Placers and old mines of the Skagit river from manning to the US Border

20. Placers and Lost mines of the Coquihalla, Ladner creek and Siwash creek area.

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