On December 21 2012 the great Mayan calendar comes to an end. Marking the end of one age and the beginning of a new one. But the end of one age is always painful. As a member of the human race can you not feel that something is very wrong and that the western world is spinning out of control.? With the extreme weather ,crumbing economy’s and senseless wars for oil. Where does it all end? The final ending or beginning comes in many apocalyptic forms. Have a look at the video below for more details regarding then events of December 21 2012. Its time to ask yourself what do I believe? Thanks for visiting Spindle Explorations.

Below is a map showing North and Central America after a pole shift. This map is from the famous prophet Nostradamus.

The Secret World 2011 Calander

The Lost Library of the Maya by Daryl Friesen

The Roatan Exploration Photo Gallery

Exploring the Mayan Underworld by Daryl Friesen (aka Jackson)

The Buried Treasure of Roatan Island by Daryl Friesen

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