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For the past twenty years we have been on a quest. A quest that started in the mountains of Brtish Columbia searching for the lost creek mine. A quest that has gone through friendships and that has taken me to other countries and lead me to into many grand adventures. Adventures that were started by some obscure treasure lead learned from reading some forgotton newspaper clipping or unknown book. This was of course before the digital age. The gold prospector and treasure hunter have never lived in greater times as the amount of information availble us can lead one to discoverys and adventures faster then anytime in history. Follow the links below into the vast Spindlequest archive.

Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting in British Columbia

The Spindle Treasure Forums

Gold Miners Atlas Southern BC Vol 1 PDF download

Siwash Creek Placer claims for Sale (claim sold)

Fraser Canyon Placer Claim for Sale (claim sold more coming soon)

Famous Hunter Jack Placer claim for sale on the Bridge River (claim sold)

British Columbia Gold Prospecting maps

The Treasure Map Collection

The Spindlequest for Placer Gold on Cayoosh creek

Seekers of Gold and the Search for the lost mine of Pitt Lake

The 2015 Search for Slumachs gold

Nazi Gold and the B25 bomber

Nazi Gold and Spanish Gold-Cracking the Lue map.html

Spanish Gold in British Columbia

The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

A Treasure Hunters Guide to Roatan Island

The Search for the Treasure of Roatan Island

The Lost Library of the Mayan Itza

Digging for Mitchell Hedges gold near Roatan Island

The shipwrecks of Honduras

Photos from Roatan Expedition

Shipwrecks in the Bay Islands

The Lost Treasure of Tikal

Hidden Treasure and Lost Mines in New Mexico

The Treasure Hunters Insider

The Lost Treasure of Ecuador

The Buried Treasure of Cocos Island

The Lost Treasure of Mexico

The Pitt Lake Helicopter Crash

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